Convert Radians to Degrees - Fraction Number
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Convert Radians to Degrees - Fraction Number

This page will compute radians (input as a fraction) to degrees (along with the trigonometric functions for the angle) and show the steps on how the calculations were made.


Input Ranges:
Input Range
sign of radians (select from pull-down menu) positive or negative
radians 0 to   16π


  1.  16π is ≈ 50.26548245743669 radians    (2880°)
  2. The numerator and denominator must both be a whole numbers (i.e. no decimal point)
  3. The denominator cannot be zero
Examples of How to Enter Numbers:
  • Enter π/6 radians as 1/6
  • Enter 3π/6 radians as 3/6
  • Enter π/2 radians as 1/2
  • Enter: 0 radians as 0/1 - OR - (numerator equal to 0 and denominator blank)
  • Enter 2π radians as 2/1 - OR - (numerator equal to 2 and denominator blank)
  • Enter π radians as 1/1 - OR - (both numerator and denominator blank)

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