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This is an interactive site that will:
Convert a Decimal Number to a Fraction Number   - and -   Convert a Fraction Number to a Decimal Number
This Site Consists of Three Conversion Pages:
  1. "Convert a Decimal Number to a Fraction Number" (Example of input looks like 4.33333 or .125)
    • The Fraction answer will be in its lowest terms (very large numbers will not be reduced)

  2. "Convert a Fraction Number to a Decimal Number" Example of input looks like 4 1/5 or 3/4 or 7/5)

  3. "Display a Fraction to Decimal Table"
    Displays a table with fraction and decimal numbers values n/1 through n/100
    • Where "n" equals a user entered numerator value of 1 through 100
    • Example: An entered numerator of 33 would result in a table of fractions of 33/1 through 33/100 and their corresponding decimal numbers
NOTE:  If the decimal number input or answer is a repeating decimal number:
  1. The site will indicate that the decimal value is a repeating decimal number.
  2. The site will display and highlight the repetend (the digits that repeat) unless the number of digits in the repetend is too large for the site to determine the pattern.
Format for "Decimal to Fraction" page inputs:
  • Decimal Number (fractional value only):   
    Examples: .24,   .56

  • Decimal Number (whole number and fractional value):  
    Examples: 6.89,   5.45

Format for "Fraction to Decimal" page inputs:
  • Proper Fraction Number (where the numerator is less than the denominator):  
    Examples: 30/40,  1/3

  • Improper Fraction Number (where the numerator is greater than or equal to the denominator):  
    Examples: 15/8,  400/200,  6/6

  • Mixed Fraction Number (a whole number and a proper fraction):  
    Examples: 5 11/32,   1 2/3

Format for "Fraction to Decimal Table" page input:
  • A whole number 1 through 100
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