Art is in the eye of the beholder and on a drop deck longboard

Found a very artistic longboard, with a “simple” design and a luring eye on it. This drop deck longboard is very art-fully crafted with a clean design.

Something you don’t see a lot on this space with fast boards and bright colors.
Here they use simple black on white to convey a great symmetrical design on a symmetrical longboard.

Stella Longboard Uno Dose

Uno Dose Stella Longboard design

A freeride board which set the mind free to roam around.

AT-AT Recycled skateboard on this brilliant 404 page

This is just so much fun. The guys at longboards usa have used Japanese famed artist Haroshi reclaimed AT-AT build out of old skateboards on their 404 page.  What a brilliant combination. Its a way to reuse skateboards and longboards and give them a second live. At the same time Star Wars fans will recognize this AT-AT (or All Terrain Armored Transport) walker also know as imperial walker the heavily armed but slow mover from the Galactic Empire‘s army. Skateboard are also transportation related and its a great mix to combine that all. I browsed around the selection of boards and they have quite a few. Definitely some I would add to my wishlist.  How many days till x-mas…..??


Interesting and fitting choice for a longboard store.